To Celebrate Mickey Mouse Turning 90 This Year Lego is Releasing a ‘Steamboat Willie’ Set

Get your very own Disney “Steamboat Willie” Lego set!

Mickey Mouse will be 90 years old on November 18th and to celebrate this special day, Lego is releasing a “Steamboat Willie” Lego set honoring the very first appearance of Mickey in his 1928 classic “Steamboat Willie” full length cartoon.

The “SS Willie” has 751 black and white pieces, a Mickey & Minnie figurine, Mickey’s parrot, Minnie’s guitar and music sheet.

It also has 2 black steam pipes that, yes, move up and down (just like in the movie!) The set will sell for $90.00 and will be available at the Lego website on April 1st.

Get your now before they’re gone!