The Wolf’s Vermont Flood Response and Recovery Fund 2023

The Wolf’s Vermont Flood Response and Recovery Fund 2023
July 12, 2023

The recent floodings in Vermont have brought immense suffering to its residents, leaving communities in distress and causing significant damage to infrastructure. Homes have been destroyed, businesses disrupted, and livelihoods upended. Many families are grappling with the loss of their possessions and the need for immediate shelter, food, and clean water. As the floodwaters recede, the long process of recovery and rebuilding begins. It is during these challenging times that the strength and compassion of the community are most needed.

How You Can Help:

If you want to contribute and assist the flood-affected residents of Vermont, there are several ways to make a difference.

Visit the American Red Cross website ( to donate and volunteer. The American Red Cross of Northern New England is a trusted partner in the early stages of a disaster.

The Vermont Community Foundation has set up a dedicated website (The Vermont Community Foundation) to accept donations. Your support, no matter how big or small, can have a positive impact on those in need.

Here are some additional early giving recommendations.

Community action agencies throughout the state are all addressing issues such as temporary housing, food, clothing, case management to help people access state/federal assistance, clean up, and much more:

Other Useful Resources

The floodings in Vermont have brought unprecedented challenges to its people, but together, we can make a difference. By spreading awareness about the ongoing crisis and providing avenues to support organizations like the Red Cross and the Vermont Community Foundation, we can help Vermont rebuild and ensure a brighter future for all its residents.