Dr. Seuss’s ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ Becoming Animated Series This Fall

Growing up as a kid, I loved Dr. Seuss books. My favorite: “Green Eggs and Ham.” With lines like:

I do not like them in a house

I do not like them with a mouse

I do not like them here or there

I do not like them anywhere

How can you NOT fall in love with his books? They were fun to read and always had a lesson to teach. The wonderful moral of “Green Eggs & Ham” was: Don’t make up your mind about something until you try it. My mom used to use this book with me when I wouldn’t try a new meal. It worked every time!

Now, Netflix is bringing the book, a seller of over 80 million copies worldwide since 1960, to its network! The Ellen DeGeneres produced animated series will feature an all-star cast, including: Michael Douglas, Diane Keaton, Adam Devine, Tracy Moran and others.

Devine will play the reluctant Sam I Am, who won’t try the delicious meal. Douglas is Guy Am I, who just wants Sam I Am to TRY it!

“Green Eggs & Ham: The Animated Series” will debut this fall on Netflix.