Good News for Gamers: SNHU Launches Varsity Esports

SNHU is launching a varsity esports program this fall.

Let’s face it: Not everyone has the athletic ability to play sports, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying it.

Some of us play pick-up games or fantasy sports, and some of us get our sports fix from our video game console.

If you’re a college student and one of those who sit outside waiting in line for the latest Madden football game or you spend all night playing Fortnite, and new program at Southern New Hampshire University may be for you.

SNHU is launching a varsity esports program this fall.

The school will provide team members with scholarships, a practice computer lab and housing for student gamers.

“SNHU has seen tremendous growth and interest from students in the gaming club over the past few years, so we felt strongly about taking this next step to officially launch a competitive esports team and continue the tradition that the students have begun at SNHU,” said Tim Fowler, director of SNHU’s Esports. “As the new school year approaches, I am excited to continue working with our student-athletes to take our team to the next level and to build a fun and inclusive gaming community on campus.”

SNHU will compete with over 40 other schools that participate in varsity gaming competitions. The gaming team will compete in League of Legends, Overwatch, Hearthstone and Fortnite.