What Exactly Does This New Emoji Mean?

What Exactly Does This New Emoji Mean?
November 5, 2018

Emoji’s have become the norm when texting today. Some people think they’re annoying, but those emoji-haters don’t understand the fun of adding a smiley face or thumbs up to a text message.

I find it an easy way of letting someone know I like something or that I’m kidding. Sometimes my humor gets lost in a text…the emoji helps save it every time. 

The latest emoji release includes one that has users downright confused. What is it exactly? I have no idea either, so I thought I’d turn to the smartest people on the internet to find out: Facebook users.

I got a lot of “drunk,” “last call,” or “thinking” answers, but some of my listeners really thought outside the box.  Here are some of the best and funniest answers. Thank you all for playing along. 

Good answer Bonnie, the next listener is either a new mom or has teenagers… 


The next submission much of come from a fan of the TV show “Friends” with her Joey Tibbiani answer: 


The next two get an honorable mention for creativity: 


But of all the submission, this one not only made me belly laugh, but is the most “outside the box” answer.  Thank you, Angie! 


Wolf listeners are the best! Thank for all your submissions.  It was fun, and we will do it again.