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Pet of the Week: Bea the Loveable And Quirky Border Collie

Bea is a beautiful border collie mix, and weighs approximately 40 pounds.

Bea is approximately two years old and does not have the over-the-top energy of a regular herding breed. But she does love to go out into a fenced yard and burn off some energy.

As with most herding dogs she’s got a quirky little personality. Bea does not like people in her face and takes a minute to accept new people. She is however, goofy and silly once she likes you. Bea is house trained; can “sit” for a treat and does well on a leash.

Bea is very food motivated which makes her fun to work with. She is not a dog for beginners and needs an experienced border collie owner that has experience handling this breed and a quiet home without a lot of visitors.

We do not recommend a home with young children or cats due to her herding instincts. To find out more about Bea, or any of our other dogs up for adoption.

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