What is the Best Way to Save For College or Training?

What is the Best Way to Save For College or Training?
November 25, 2019

For most families, saving enough to pay for the costs of higher education can seem overwhelming. But with planning, helping to pay for a college education can be easier to achieve than you might think.

Every dollar saved today will help you reduce what you may need to borrow later on. And research shows that saving even small amounts for college or training can make a difference in putting a child’s future opportunities within reach.

Marilyn Cargill, VSAC’s VP of Financial Aid Services, Research and Marketing joined the Wolf to provide some advice on saving for college and training, and the 529 college savings plan offered by VSAC.

Here are some questions that are answered in the interview:

1. What is the best way to save for college or training? (What is a “529 savings plan”?)
2. What are the benefits of saving with a 529 savings plan?
3. It’s the holiday season – is it possible to give a gift of college savings instead of another kind of gift?
4. Is it possible to save enough for college these days?

(Contributed by: VSAC – Planning For College)